Sunday, 27 November 2011

Rachel Stacy - love's country music

Rachel Stacy's debut single "Damn You Look Good" combined her feel-good songwriting, with a story for everybody, a classic country twang, and a dedication from listeners who now take time out of their schedules to come to a show that keeps their heart-a-beatin, and their foot-a-tappin"! Rachel's NEW single, "That's Love" proves to be the song that everyone has been waiting for.
Rachel, raised in the heart of Oklahoma, spent her earliest childhood on the road with her mother, a singer/songwriter herself, playing in bars and lounges across the Midwest. "I would just stare at my mother while she played, and hope to one day be just like her, holding a guitar and singing," says Rachel. "What I didn't realize is she was playing to maybe 15 grumpy guys drinking their troubles away in a small Holiday Inn lounge. To me, she was this amazing singer and musician baring her soul on what looked to me like a huge stage." By age three, Rachel was the official crowd wrangler, taking requests, accepting tips and sometimes joining her mother on stage.
It didnt take too long for Rachel and her family to realize she could sing too. "I remember being in the car with my two aunts on the way to one of Mom's shows. I was singing along to the radio when one of my aunts said, "Rachel! You're harmonizing!" At the time, I didn't know what that meant. I was just trying to make everything sound right in my head as I sang along."
From that early recognition of her talent, Rachel's drive to succeed as a performer was born. She began violin lessons by the age of 6, eventually taking first chair with the Oklahoma Junior Symphony among other Symphony groups. She won many pageants and talent competitions from age four through high school, where she was voted "most talented." Throughout high school and college, Rachel was always known as "the girl who sings!" "I'm just living up to my reputation," Rachel jokes!
Throughout these years, Rachel realized that the most exciting part of her time on stage was in connecting with her audience. Rachel say, "There is nothing better than being on stage and watchin my audience sing along to the songs I've written and knowing they can relate to every word; now that's connection."
Rachel, a smalltown country girl, was obviously falling in love with the world of music. She began writing songs at a very young age and honed her vocal craft by participating in her Mom's nightly "pickin' parties," when family and friends would gather on the front porch with guitars, harmonicas and fiddles, and sing Waylon, Willie and Merle songs into the night.
Leaving her small town to head to the big state of California for college, Rachel graduated from the University of California, Irvine. During her time at UCI, she would break away from school any chance she could get to take to the streets of Los Angeles, not even an hour away, carrying her guitar and violin, going from club to club in hopes of finding one that would let her play and sing her music. Show after show, test after test, and of course, as her fan base grew, Rachel was confident she was doing the right thing with her life. She succeeded in bringing the music she believed in to Los Angeles, and now it was time to branch out. She has continued to make her mark in country music, playing with artists such as Keith Anderson, ZZ Top, Ty England and Phil Vassar and recently headlining in Sturgis, SD at the Famous Bike Rally, playing with legends like The Oakridge Boys and Joe Diffie, and selling out shows across America on her own, during her recent six-month tour.
She will never forget where she came from. Although a busy performer, student and overachiever, her favorite part of being an artist, became volunteering her time for groups like the Special Olympics and Troubled Girls homes. Rachel, a child raised in an extremely unstable and broken home, began giving back to society after realizing that she could help people with special needs or give a child hope that was neglected or abused. She continues her philanthropy and claims, "It is the one thing that keeps my wheels spinning with inspiration. To spend time with someone who thinks they are less fortunate than I, and then to walk away knowing that smile on their face is "HOPE" is priceless. God gave me the talent, strength and courage to tell my story, share my talent and help as many people as I can in sometimes the simplest ways!"

Billy Reid Collection S/S 2012

An amazing Billy Reid collection from S/S 2012, I believe that it's really interesting to collaborate it with Band of Horses.  Its kind of the same style that they are wearing in their concerts and in their every day life. I really like that style its really interesting and Ι can describe it in one word ''sloppy''.

Styling tips for Band of Horses- From Anthem Store

CONCERTS - set up


Band of Horses, originally briefly known as Horses, are an American rock band formed in 2004 in Seattle by Ben Bridwell. They have released three studio albums, the most recent and most successful of which is 2010's Grammy nominated Infinite Arms. The band's line up, which included Mat Brooke for their debut album, has undergone several changes, although the current members, Bridwell, Ryan Monroe, Tyler Ramsey, Bill Reynolds, and Creighton Barrett have all been with the band for several years.